Transparent background ,Transparent image background editing Services 20 pictures For $5


 no human no animal images please

We will remove any background of 20 images and convert it into transparent/retouch  in 24 hrs.

change it into white/ transparent / PNG/JPEG Or any file format.

we use pan tool only·     

we don’t use quick selection methods. All objects will be manually selected and cropped, so the edges would be SHARP and CRISP!

 Benefit of Transparent Background Images

An image always represents its original form of a picture or more when it is edited in Photoshop. If you are a Photoshop expert, you can do an Anatomy of an image but inexperienced one can’t do that. Sometimes we need images with transparent background. Then what you do? you have to take the help of an expert who can make background transparent or you post a job online. Are you all time satisfied with the work performance? Absolutely no! A trusted company or a reliable individual expert can only provide the service. You also can rely on us. We provided lot of same services with 100% clients’ satisfaction. Here are the benefits of png transparent background described below:

1. image quality is not changed by any compression ratio
2. Format is suitable for storage of intermediate versions of the image.
3. PNG supports a large number of colors. PNG-8 (256 colors) and PNG-24 (about 16.7 million. Colors);
4. It supports multi level of transparency. Image has the 256 levels of opacity from fully opaque to fully transparent;
5. Minimum compression loss.
6. it’s possible to work with layers;
7. Ability to add to the file meta-data;
8. Small size files.