What is a free trial? Why do you need this?

We have the free trial offer up to 2 images by which our clients can judge our service quality. Usually, the trial files are processed and returned within a short time (usually within 12-16 hours) after they are received.

How to fill up the free trial form

-For getting a free trial offer, please fill up the “free trial form” below.
-Please Fill up all the Required ( * ) Mark Fields to submit the Form Properly.
-You can upload up to two files for free trial. Please note that the combined size of the two files should not exceed 25 MB. (e.g. It can be 25MB for a single file, or 12MB +12MB for two files)
-If your image file size exceeds this limit, please go to “upload file” and mention “free trial” on the subject field, including your full contact details and working instruction on the message box.
-Then select files from your hard drive and send us.


Please Choose you file maximum 10MB per file

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