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Raster to vector delineation is completed on caliber brand while not soft copy to enlarge or replace it. typically PSD, JPEG, GIF format formation image files area unit regenerate to EPS, AI, PDF format vector image. The standard of formation image isn’t adequate. When the conversion, the standard of image enhances. These increased pictures area unit utilized in bill boards, banners etc. Vector pictures area unit densely color, focused and sharp. They’re used for t-shirts, artworks, vector delineation, CAD style (2D/3D) and description. We conjointly supply Photography to vector conversion. These pictures area unit used for furnishings, garments, shoes, machinery components, varied product etc. it should embrace single color to mufti color (depending on usage). Vector delineation is completed in black color. Multiple color is applied for company brand style, texts, tee shirt style, while names, design etc.